The ultimate CBD product guide?

“Every day, the CBD industry expands, and new brands emerge. Some CBD products are prepared at home in the kitchen and marketed through a variety of channels, while others are manufactured in industrial-scale facilities and lab tested. It might be difficult for newcomers to know where to look for acceptable items and which ones to trust.

What’s in that bottle for which you’re ready to pay a little fortune? Browsing through an unlimited quantity of things with names you can’t even pronounce might get boring and confusing, prompting you to take a chance and still be unsure about what you’re buying or simply give up. This article provides an overview of everything The Real CBD has to offer, as well as recommendations on which product is right for you. This should assist you in your search for the ideal CBD product. Let’s take a look at all of the CBD products and their distinct features before we go through the entire line. The product is shown by the icons on the horizontal axis.  When you scroll down, you’ll find more information about the goods!


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The most comprehensive directory to CBD products.

So now we know which CBD products are the most popular and which are utilised to treat a variety of diseases and ailments. After that, we’ll go through the features of each product. The following categories are distinguished:

  • Skincare with CBD
  • CBD oil
  • CBD E-Liquids
  • Sweets
  • CBD supplements

Many individuals think about using CBD oil to aid with:

  • Pain that lasts a long time
  • Epilepsy
  • Parkinson’s
  • Huntington’s
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Depression
  • Glaucoma
  • Cancer
  • Recovery


CBD Oil with 3% CBD (300mg CBD in a 10ml dropper bottle)

The CBD oil with a concentration of 3% is beneficial for general body maintenance and can promote overall well-being. It’s not a particularly potent oil, so it’s a nice place to start if you want to see if CBD is right for you. You shouldn’t expect any huge changes from this oil because it’s only getting started, but it’s a terrific way to start your CBD journey. Our pure CBD oil is extracted from European Hemp plants grown in organic soil, ensuring a high-quality nutritional supplement.

3 CBD Oil-CBD-rocks
5% full spectrum pure organic oil

CBD Oil with 5% CBD (500mg CBD in 10ml dropper bottle)

When used for preventative purposes and to maintain a healthy, general well-being, the 5 percent pure CBD oil is beneficial. It has been shown to aid with high blood pressure and moderate irritation. If you have IBS, Crohn’s disease, or Celiac disease but don’t have any severe symptoms, this oil will be ideal for you. Our bodies rely on the Endocannabinoid system to maintain homeostasis, or internal balance, in the face of life’s ups and downs. The body may not always create enough cannabinoids to counteract these changes. Including CBD oil in your wellness regimen can assist to maintain healthy cannabinoid levels.

CBD Oil with 10% CBD (1000mg CBD in a 10ml dropper bottle)

The 10 percent CBD oil from CBDrocks has several advantages. It can aid in the improvement of sleep, the reduction of inflammation, and the relief of menopausal symptoms. It has a generally great effect on your entire well-being and is especially beneficial for lowering arthritic pain. CBD is created in a natural and organic manner. The harvest is hand-picked and transformed into high-quality CBD. This organic full spectrum product’s flavour is characterised as nutty and herbal.

10% CBD Oil-CBD-rocks
15% full spectrum pure organic CBD

CBD Oil with 15% CBD (1500mg CBD in a 10ml dropper bottle)

 This high-strength oil has a significant amount of CBDa, which is the acid form of cannabidiol that has demonstrated to be effective in treating arthritic pain. This active element is frequently lost during manufacture; however, because to our production procedure, which avoids extremely high temperatures, our product is able to keep the CBDa properly. This product has been demonstrated to be beneficial to patients with Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis who are in the early stages of the condition. Because of its wide spectrum of advantages, the 15 percent pure CBD oil is our top seller.

CBD/CBG Oil with 6% CBD and 8% CBG (1400mg in a 10ml dropper bottle)

Many people have reported that CBG oil has helped them with their anxiety and depression. Patients with Huntington’s Disease and IBS have shown beneficial benefits. Acceleration of bone development after a break has also been reported as a benefit of using this medicine, as has the ability to aid osteoporosis sufferers. Many young people are suffering from anxiety and depression as a result of today’s fast-paced, competitive world enveloped in social media, and CBG oil has demonstrated to be effective in treating them. CBG connects the “broken circuits” in the brain by interacting directly with neurological receptors.

14% organic CBG/CBD oil - for depression
15% CBG Oil-CBD-rocks

CBG Oil with 15% CBG (1500mg CBG in a 10ml dropper bottle)

Another unique CBG oil that can help with anxiety, stress, and sadness. This is a more severe case formula. For persons who have been on mood-altering medicine for a long time and want to try to wean themselves off of it. In this case, 15% CBG can aid with the changeover period. Of course, this should always be done in consultation with your doctor or healthcare provider. We added a small amount of mint to alleviate the harshness of the oil.

CBD Oil with 25% CBD (2500mg CBD in a 10ml dropper bottle)

Pure CBD oil with a concentration of 25% is used to assist chemo and radiation patients regain their equilibrium. It aids in the relief of pain associated with Fibromyalgia and MS, as well as the control of blood sugar levels in Diabetes II. It’s a powerful oil with several advantages. Patients with Parkinson’s disease have reported significant improvements in their everyday quality of life after using this CBD oil.

25% CBD Oil-CBD-rocks
40% CBD Oil-CBD-rocks

CBG Oil with 40% CBG (4000mg CBG in a 10ml dropper bottle)

Our new CBD oil with a 40 percent CBD content and MCT as a carrier oil is a powerful product. It’s used to treat severe pain as well as cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy. This CBD oil will help the body adjust and fight sickness by creating homeostasis. It has a pleasant smooth flavour and the 10ml dropper vial makes dosing simple. There aren’t many 40 percent pure full spectrum CBD oils on the market — this is a one-of-a-kind product that’s reasonably priced and accessible all year..

CBD paste with 60% CBD (6000mg CBD in a 10ml seringe)

High-concentration CBD/CBDa paste is a highly strong CBD product that is typically used to aid with extreme pain or cancer patients undergoing chemo or radiation. It is highly beneficial in the treatment of inflammation due to its great strength. Patients with MS and cancer can enhance their quality of life and minimise the symptoms of their illnesses.

60% CBD paste – 6000mg CBD
cbd pet solution

CBD pet products in 10ml dropper bottle or capsules

CBD aids your pets in overcoming health issues, anxiety, and phobias, as well as improving their overall quality of life. Because dogs and cats have a significantly quicker metabolism, you will notice results soon. You may put the drops in their meal or on a treat for them to consume. All we want is for our dogs to be happy! This oil can aid in the maintenance of a glossy, shiny coat as well as the digestive system and energy levels in your pet. For pets, it’s a clear winner!

Oil with 7% CBD/MCT (Athlete Oil) (700mg CBD in 10ml dropper bottle)

Our Athlete oils were formulated with muscle healing and anti-inflammation in mind after a strenuous workout. MCT oil is the carrier oil, and it’s well-known in the sports world for its advantages. The 7% oil was created for persons who exercise 2-3 times per week at a moderate intensity.

7% CBD Athletes Oil-CBD-rocks
18% CBD Athletes Oil-CBD-rocks

Oil with 18% CBD/MCT (Athlete Oil) (1800mg CBD in 10ml dropper bottle)

Our 18 percent Athlete oil is already a popular seller and has gained a reputation in the sports world. The fact that it can minimise D.O.M.S. in athletes and sports professionals who train intensely 4-7 days a week and swiftly recover muscles is a big plus in the training world. According to studies, sleep is improving and cortisol levels are decreasing, suggesting that hard exercise may be done without the harmful side effects.

CBD rainbow gummies. 15mg per gummy (60 pieces)

Looking for a better way to boost your daily health and wellness? CBD gummies offer the perfect balance of sweetness and support! These CBD gummies make daily CBD intake simple and easy. Try our CBD gummies to boost your well being quickly and effectively with a delicious treat.

Flavoured Rainbow Gummies (pineapple, cherry, kiwi and strawberry) with Hemp Extract. Broad Spectrum without THC.

CBD gummies flavored
5% CBD Oil with Turmeric and Black Pepper

5% CBD Oil with Turmeric & Black Pepper (500mg CBD/200mg Turmeric in 10ml dropper bottle)

This pairing is a match made in heaven. Turmeric is better absorbed by the body when it is mixed with black pepper. Improved inflammatory management is one of the potential health advantages of turmeric (curcumin). Because of its excellent anti-inflammatory properties, it can be utilised to treat a variety of inflammatory disorders.

10% CBD Oil with Turmeric & Black Pepper (1000mg CBD/200mg Turmeric in 10ml dropper bottle)

This potent combination is intended to aid in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Turmeric has been utilised for a variety of health advantages in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for centuries. Turmeric’s active chemicals are known as curcuminoids, which include the well-known curcumin, which has potent antioxidant properties. It is more effective than a placebo in decreasing pain and swelling in persons with osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis, according to clinical research.

organic 10% CBD oil with tumeric and black pepper
5% CBd oil -SleepSolution-CBD-rocks

CBD and CBN Oil with 5% CBD and 5% CBN (1000mg in a 10ml dropper bottle)

The 1000mg CBD/CBN Sleep Solution is excellent for getting a better night’s sleep. For convenient administration, each drop contains 1 mg of Melatonin. You receive a “triple” benefit when CBD’s  and CBN´s soothing and relaxing effects are combined. This oil should only be consumed before going to bed. This oil can be used in conjunction with a daytime oil from our CBD sleep combo pack 

100% THC-free CBD Oil (1500mg CBD in 10ml dropper bottle)

An oil made for persons who are subjected to drug testing on a regular basis at work or at a sports club. This oil is produced entirely with CBD isolates and organic olive oil, and it is THC-free.

15% CBd oil THC free-CBD-rocks
CBD balm skin care 120mg

CBD 120mg natural balm with Vitamin E

This balm is a great solution for minor skin issues like dry spots, redness, and wrinkles. Because it is made of beeswax, it moisturises the skin while also providing vitamins and minerals.

For other CBD skin care such as natural body milk or body oils visit our full skin care range


CBD 300mg Natural balm with Vitamin E

This balm is useful for localised discomfort, as well as skin diseases including eczema and psoriasis, and arthritis. This powerful balm has had a lot of success treating acne and other skin issues. The balm has a beautiful lavender aroma and will stay a long time on your skin.

For other CBD skin care such as natural body milk or body oils visit our full skin care range

CBD bakm skin care 300mg
CBD balm 1000mg CBD

CBD 1000mg Natural balm with Vitamin E

CBD balm has been shown to be very beneficial for acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Apply several times a day to the affected areas. It can also be used freely on baby skin, children or animals. For superficial skin treatments only.

With such a high level CBD this Balm is also a great option to treat localized pain

For other CBD skin care such as natural body milk or body oils visit our full skin care range

CBD Pain Patches (8mg CBD in each patch)

We’re thrilled to be able to offer the CBD Pain Patch. It’s a high-quality transdermal patch containing 8mg of CBD that lasts 24 hours on the skin. The delayed release of CBD is triggered by body heat, and it enters your circulation practically instantly. A brilliantly constructed patch with the most skin-friendly adhesive available and the best carrying film available.

CBD rocks Pain Patch-Hemp Infused Patches for fast pain relief
cannabis flowers Pineapple Kish

CBD Flowers (CBD herb)

Its not often we see such top quality Hemp. The natural pure flowers can range from 4% to 22% CBD.  Covered in crystals with a natural smell.  Can be used to smokes in a roll up, vaped in a herb vaporiser or you can cook with it by making a CD butter.  Many varieties available with various different natural tastes.

Range of CBD capsules (from 6mg to 25mg per capsule)

We have 5 different kinds of capsules available here with CBDrocks.  For those who prefer a specific measured amount of CBD. For people who simply prefer to not taste the oils which can be bitter depending on the strength.  We have different mixes to help different situations. Capsules for sleep, immune system, brain focus and memeory, pain and stress.

CBD Powder in capsules – Water Soluble – 1%

If you didnt see what you were looking for you can visit the CBDrocks full product page HERE

If you are not sure what product you should take or how much or when or simply would like to talk through your ailments or problems we can work together to find the right solution for you.

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