CBD and CBG to help with Stress

We all get it

We all have moments when we are affected by stress; some more often than others. Stress can be caused by a variety of things: Relationships, work, travel, illness… the list goes on. But sometimes stress occurs for no real reason. Especially after this difficult year, many of us feel stressed and under pressure.

But what does stress actually look like? We have worked out the most common symptoms and show you how to tackle each of them.

Stress can be defined as any kind of change that puts a physical, emotional or psychological strain on you. Stress is your body’s response to anything that requires attention or action.

Everyone experiences stress to some degree. However, the way you respond to stress makes a big difference in your overall well-being. How can CBD help with stress, you may wonder – let us delve a little deeper into CBD for stress and anxiety.

How chronic stress affects your health?

Sometimes the best way to manage your stress is to change your situation. Other times, the best strategy is to change the way you respond to the situation.

It is important to develop a clear understanding of how stress affects your physical and mental health. It is also important to recognise how your mental and physical health affects your stress levels.

What should be be looking out for?

Stress can be short-term or long-term. Both can lead to a variety of symptoms, but chronic stress can take a serious toll on your body over time and have long-term effects on your health.

Some common signs of stress may include:

Changes in mood
Wet or sweaty palms
Decreased sex drive
Difficulty sleeping
Digestive problems
Anxious feeling
frequent nausea
Teeth grinding
Low energy
Muscle tension, especially in the neck and shoulders
Physical aches and pains
Rapid heartbeat


So how can CBD help with stress and which CBD oil is best for your stress level? We have to keep in mind that everyone has a unique endocannabinoid system and responds differently to CBD. You need to try and test which oil works best for you.

CBD for poor sleep

One of the first signs that you may be stressed is a decline in your sleep quality. This can be particularly draining on your energy, as stress levels rise even more when you are tired.

Not only is restful sleep important for our overall health and well-being (as it allows your brain and body to recover), but it can also help you manage everyday stress more easily without getting upset.

When our sleep patterns are regularly disrupted, our minds become overloaded even before we fall asleep. Thoughts like “I know for a fact that I am going to wake up a few times during the night” or “If I do not fall asleep fast enough, I will not get enough sleep” contribute to making it even harder and longer to fall asleep. This is where CBD oil for better sleep can be very helpful. It improves your sleep quality and calms your mind so you can fall asleep easier.

As our lifestyles become more and more centred around healthier habits, prescription medications for better sleep no longer seem to fit our needs. Instead, many are turning to natural alternatives that have been proven to improve sleep, such as lavender. CBD is another alternative: by taking CBD a few hours before bed, you can help your body maintain balance (a process called homeostasis), which helps you establish a healthier sleep cycle.

Stress can change your appetite

Another common symptom of stress is a change in appetite and eating habits. People with increased stress levels often report feeling less hungry and nauseous at the mere smell of food. Others report that stress causes them to eat too much, often sugary or fatty foods.

There is no evidence yet that CBD can affect our appetite. However, one study has shown that CBD could affect serotonin levels and thus reduce appetite.

In general, CBD may not directly increase or decrease appetite, but as a strong regulator, CBD interacts with the hormones that do.

Loss of hair

In extreme cases of constantly increased stress, hair loss may occur. This is especially common in younger women.

The report states that in some cases, the immune system can attack the hair follicles when stress levels are constantly elevated. In other cases, “significant stress pushes hair follicles into a dormant phase.” After a few months, this leads to hair loss as the hair grows out. There are no scientific studies on CBD for hair loss, but we have observed hair growth in several of our clients, both by massaging our massage oil on the scalp and by taking CBD drops sublingually

IAs mentioned earlier, CBD can help establish a healthy sleep routine and balance the body overall. Of course, as with any lifestyle change, routine is the key to success. So do not expect immediate changes when you start taking CBD. Nonetheless, CBD can be a great addition to your morning routine and give you a more relaxed start to the day.

recommended products for stress, anxiety or depression

We all know by now that everyone is different and needs different solutions and dosages, but here you have a guided option to help you have less anxiety,stress or depression and gain a quality of life you deserve.


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