CBD Vaping pen – Perfect for beguinners


Liquid vaporizer Osmall POD.

Compact and lightweight with good performance.
Autonomy of 350mAh and power of 11W.
Its cartridges have a capacity of 2ml and come with a resistance of 1.2ohm with the new Vaporesso system.
It works with all eliquids (E-Liquids) with CBD from Cannactiva.
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Electronic eliquid vaporizer Vaporesso Osmall POD

Vaporesso brings us Osmall POD, a new electronic eliquid vape with an ultra compact and ergonomic design, specially designed for vaping and to enjoy with your favorite CBD eliquids.

It is activated directly with the puff, making it a really easy to use device. Despite its incredibly discreet size, its refillable cartridges have a capacity of 2ml and come with a resistance of 1.2 ohms (ohm), with the new Vaporesso system.

Vaporesso Osmall Pod: compact and ergonomically designed vape
The Osmall Pod is such a light and small vape that you can take it anywhere without hardly noticing it. It fits perfectly in your pocket and is very discreet.

This original eliquid vape has a maximum power of 11W, has an integrated 350mAh battery that will accompany you wherever you want it. It also has different safety protections so you do not have to worry about anything: short circuits, overloads, over-discharges, over-times and voltage problems are solved with the new Vaporesso technology. In addition, the new Vaporesso Osmall Pod has innovative resistors designed with cotton linen, which achieve a fantastic flavor in every puff and a dense and smooth vapor.

The ergonomic, compact and ultra-lightweight design, the device allows a perfect fit to the hand, with textured surface for a better grip. The eliquid cartridges are easily and conveniently inserted into the Osmall Pod electronic vape by magnets. The mouthpiece of the Osmall Pod fits perfectly to the lips. With no buttons, the vape activates quickly and smoothly with the puff, providing a closed puff, perfect for MTL vaping or mouth-to-lung inhalations.

All these features could only be surpassed with an unbeatable value price that makes it the best eliquid vaporizer on the market.

The Vaporesso Osmall Pod vape works with all Cannactiva CBD eliquids. You can find original vape pods on the market, but Vaporesso is a brand with many years in the quality vape industry and always guarantees an unbeatable experience.

Product specifications
Products included in the eliquid Kit Osmall vaporizer pack:

1x Cartridge for Osmall
1x USB cable
1x Warranty card
1x User manual
Vaporesso Osmall Pod Vaporizer Features
Dimensions: 84.2 x 26.5 x 13.4mm
Capacity: 2ml
Built-in battery: 350mAh
Port: Micro USB
Output power: 11w
Resistance: Regular Pod 1.2ohm

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