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What happens if the CBD you are taking is too strong for you?  CBD for anxiety

In this video I talk about my own experience. They say everyone has their perfect dose of CBD. Everyone is different…well yes, I can confirm this. Some CBD oils are just to strong for some people and to weak for others. We must take our time and listen to our own bodies, no-one else

🤘For all mamas and papas out there, Please watch! 🧡 CBD for stress

As a parent I share my CBD experience….

Pain management with CBD 10% oil – CBD for pain

🤘🤘So happy to share my clients story with you. Headaches and 10% CBD oil.❤❤ Hahaha, just realized I’m wearing the same clothes as my last video. 😆😆 Well…that’s lockdown for you!!

Request a free CBD consult. CBD for pain?  CBD? for stress?  CBD for sleep?   CBD for cancer?

I like to be close with my clients and understand their personal situation….so please go ahead and contact me should you want to chat about how CBD can help you.

CBD for pain. Its the truth- CBD is not a magical solution

Lets be real, lets be honest. This is my story and the travel gods.

Do you know what cbd oils you are taking?

In this video I explain the lack of help out there when it comes to the CBD you are taking. Do you even know?

Can I travel with CBD?

In this video we talk about traveling with CBD. Now staying in the UK for one month for the cool weather

How much CBD should I give my pet?

Lets talk about how to know how much CBD a pet should have depending on their size and weight and ailment

Is CBD safe for children?

In this video I talk about how CBD can benefit your childs ailments such as ADHD, epilepsy, anxiety,sleep,etc And is CBD safe for you to give your child?

CBD pet treats. Our pets reaction live

Great CBD product for you pet. Super easy to administrator and very tasty for them…really smelly for us.

Results of dog after taking CBD

In this video we see the dog’s improvement within a very short time after using CBD. Before CBD, she could not move her left hind leg.
Unfortunately, the dog passed away not too long ago, but CBD made her last months sweeter.

Video 1 – CBD for weight loss

This is the first video of hopefully many where I will be documenting the process taken with the CBD oil with THCV. THCV is known to kick addiction

Video 2 – CBD for weight loss

3 days in and I think Im starting to understand how this works….. This product I am trying have higher levels of the cannabinoid THCV which kelp control addiction. Crazy!!

CBD Pain Patches

CBD pain patches are a great solution for travelling, ease and even helps with stress and anxiety.

Dont treat CBD like a pill

CBD is not a like a pain pill so please dont treat it like one. Dont make that mistake.  Dont treat CBD like standard pharmaceutical medicine. Its not. CBDrocks explains all here

9 reasons CBD doesn’t work for you

I will tell you 9 possible reasons why you tried CBD and it didn’t work. Listen closely. 

Full spectrum,broad spectrum,Isolate?

So confusing right? Let me explain it to you in simple terms what these mean.

These are amazing CBD patches.

Even though they say they are pain patches, I think they are great for stress and anxiety. They should be called stress patches!

CBD,Doctors and Medication

What happens when you tell your doctor you take CBD? I will tell you…. Can I take CBD and other medication?


Did you know you can treat your pet with CBD?

THey have the same anatomy as humans so they can take CBD. What a great natural solution!

What is CBD and how does it work?

watch this to understand the basics of what CBD is, where it comes from and how it works in our body

Sativa vs Indica

Want to understand the cannabis triangle and what the difference is between Sativa and Indica, watch this


Why buy CBD flowers?

There are many things you can do with CBD flowers. Watch this and learn

How CBD can help with menopause symptoms?

Please like or share this if you think it has been helpful or you know how it could help someone you know!!

Is vaping good or bad?

Lets go through the pros and cons to vaping. What do you think?


How can CBD help my sleep?

Let me explain a little bit about CBD and sleep

Hav eyou heard all about HHC?

This explains a little bit about where this legal high comes from.

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