X-MAX Starry 3.0 Herb vaporizer


The portable vaporizer X-MAX Starry 3.0 features a changeable and rechargeable 18650 battery, precise temperature control, and quick heating (less than 30 seconds).


– X-MAX Starry 3.0 Vaporizer;
– 18650 Samsung battery, 2600 mAh capacity;
– USB charging cable;
– stirring tool;
– leaning brush;
– tweezers;
– concentrate pad;
– spare screens;
– user manual.

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X-MAX Starry 3.0

Because the dry flowers are heated in a ceramic heating chamber and then passed through a Zirconia ceramic mouthpiece, the portable vaporizer X-MAX Starry 3.0 produces vapor of exceptionally pure flavor, especially at lower temperatures. This ensures that the vapor is completely free of any aftertaste. The X-MAX Starry 3.0 features a changeable and rechargeable 18650 battery, precise temperature control, and quick heating (less than 30 seconds).

The popular portable vape X-MAX Starry, known for its excellent performance, has a new edition, Starry 3.0. Some of this device’s distinguishing features are the even heating of dried herbs and the high efficacy of extracting the plant material’s medicinal ingredients. One of the greatest options for a novice user, this vaporizer also comes at a very reasonable price!

The unassuming X-MAX Starry 3.0 is compact, reliable, and covert. Its size is comparable to that of the PAX series vaporizers, so you can conceal it in the palm of your hand with ease. You can keep an eye on the battery level, the selected temperature, the current temperature, and the remaining time before the gadget shuts off automatically thanks to a bright, high-quality OLED display.

The device can turn off automatically after 5 or 10 minutes, depending on your preferences. Three buttons are located right next to the display; the bigger of the three is the power button, which you push and hold down for a few seconds to turn on the vaporizer. It could accidently activate, which could be a little inconvenient (for instance in your pocket).

Two smaller buttons that control temperature are located below the display. A micro-USB port is also located under the display, making it possible to conveniently charge the X-MAX Starry 3.0 using a cable attached to a laptop, a charger, or a powerbank.

high-quality components
The mouthpiece is magnetically coupled to a magnetic lid that rests atop the heating chamber and is constructed of zirconia ceramic, the same material used in many components of the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer. The lid’s structure is such that it provides an unhindered airflow while effectively cooling the vapor. A new circuit delivers a better heat-insulation and enhances overall performance. An updated battery compartment is located at the base of the vaporizer. A normal rechargeable 18650 battery powers the X-MAX Starry 3.0 and can be changed in a matter of seconds, which is a significant benefit.

With hybrid heating as the primary heat source, X-MAX Starry 3.0 offers complete, wide-range temperature management. In addition to a stream of hot air, the ceramic herb chamber’s walls are the primary source of heat for the herbs. Because you don’t have to agitate the material, this technique ensures that herbs heat evenly and allows you to use less plant material because the chamber doesn’t need to be packed tightly.

There is a wide variety of temperatures, and you can select any setting between 100° and 240° C. All kinds of herbs can be used for aromatherapy at such a wide range of temperatures. Extracts can also be vaporized, which is made possible with the X-MAX Starry 3.0 by the concentration vaping pad that is part of the package.

Pure vapor flavor and exceptional effectiveness
At lower temperatures, the vapor flavor is very fragrant. The flavor doesn’t fade until the session is over, as is customary with vaporizers that heat the herb through the chamber walls. Even at greater temperatures, the vapor will always cool down and provide incredibly rich and copious inhalations.

Overall, the vapor quality is excellent and far superior to other electronic devices in the same price range. Depending on the amount of herbs you pack and the consistency of the grind, the heating chamber can hold between 0.2 and 0.3 g. Even the most discerning vapers will be satisfied by a lengthy, 10-minute session that uses up the entire chamber. Therefore, X-MAX Starry 3.0 is a very effective and economical vape

Replaceable 18650 batteries are a big convenience.
2600 mAh battery powers the X-MAX Starry 3.0. The kit includes a top-notch Samsung battery. This results in eight complete sessions, or around 80 minutes of continuous vaporization, which is a fantastic outcome.

However, the battery is removable, so if you need additional power, you can buy a spare and quickly swap out an empty battery with a charged one. Through a micro-USB, the battery can be fully charged in 1.5 to 2 hours, which is an excellent result.

The most suitable choice for your first vaporizer is the X-MAX Starry 3.0.
As an entry-level vaporizer, the X-MAX Starry 3.0 is an excellent product at a reasonable price. These are just a few of the benefits of this amazing, portable vaporizer, which also offers high-quality vapor, effective hybrid heating, and a quick heat-up time. The X-MAX Starry 3.0 model should be at the top of your list if you’re seeking for a high-quality vaporizer at a reasonable cost. Well-recommended!


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