Vivant VLeaF GO Vaporizer for Herbs


Vivant VLeaf GO is an extremely small and discreet on-demand convection vaporizer that impresses for the amount of vapor it produces!



– Vivant VLeaF GO Vaporizer;
– USB charging cable;
– removable chamber;
– stainless steel filter;
– chamber o-ring;
– heater seal;
– heater o-rings (2 pcs.);
– cooling unit;
– mouthpiece cover;
– packing tool;
– cleaning brush;
– user manual.

2 5%
3 10%
4 - 20 15%
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Vivant VLeaF GO

The on-demand convection vaporizer Vivant VLeaF GO is so little and discrete, yet it impresses with how much vapor it can create! It takes no time at all to get ready for use; as soon as the heating element is turned on, vaporization may begin! Vivant VLeaF GO’s modular design makes it simple to swap out the heater or chamber, and its mouthpiece naturally fits the majority of water components. And all of this at a very reasonable cost!

logically sound and small design
The incredibly small, pen-shaped design of Vivant VLeaF GO ensures unparalleled discretion. The vaporizer is about 14 cm long and comfortably fits in your hand. It only has one button, which makes using the device quite simple.

The modular architecture of Vivant VLeaF GO offers an intriguing solution since it enables the autonomous, simple, and quick replacement of worn-out parts like the heating element or the herb chamber. Vivant VLeaF GO is an extremely durable device composed of high-quality, secure materials, despite its low cost.

Vaporization on demand. Vapor clouds that are huge!
The chamber of the Vivant VLeaF GO is relatively small; it can only carry about 0.1 g of ground herbs, which is enough for 4-5 draws when using the vaporizer alone or three large takes when utilizing a water filter. The Vivant VLeaF GO offers three temperature settings and two operating modes: Instant Mode, or on-demand mode, where you can breathe in right away after pushing the button, and Session Mode, where the heater operates automatically and constantly for 30 seconds.

How much vapor Vivant VLeaF GO can generate will wow you! The vapor is thick, rich, and abundantly scented. Additionally, it is a really effective vaporizer that doesn’t lose any of the therapeutic properties of your dried herbs.

Operation is quite simple, and it works with water pipes.
All you need to do is completely fill the chamber with herbs without compressing them, turn on the machine, and begin inhaling. It takes no time at all to get Vivant VLeaF GO set up and ready to use. The operation of the Vivant VLeaF GO is incredibly user-friendly thanks to a single button and an LED light that regulate all operations.

It’s important to note that the mouthpiece for the Vivant VLeaF GO fits most water filters without the need for adapters. The Session Mode is best for this kind of inhaling because you don’t have to constantly pressing the button. Clouds of mist produced through water filtration are considerably bigger, fresher, and more delicious!

fast-charging, strong battery
For such a compact, entirely convection-based vaporizer, Vivant VLeaF GO’s built-in battery allows you 3-6 sessions, depending on the temperature and style you use. The 900 mAh battery is recharged with a micro-USB cable.

Charge time is approximately 60 to 70 minutes, which is really quick. Our main problem with the battery is that the performance of the gadget degrades as it approaches empty, which results in slightly less vapor output.

On-demand convection for every budget with Vivant VLeaF GO!
Vivant VLeaF GO Vaporizer is one of the only electronic on-demand vaporizers with a fully convection heating technology available today. It quickly produces high-quality vapor, is tremendously effective, and maintains an incredibly convenient price-to-quality ratio. Vivant VLeaF GO is the ideal option if you want to save money and find a discreet, on-demand vaporizer.

Vivant VLeaF GO – Pros

– on-demand vaporisation;
– intense and flavorful vapor production;
– very good vapor quality;
– modular design;
– compatible with water filters without additional adapters;
– easy to use;
– sturdy design;
– affordable price.

Vivant VLeaF GO – Cons

– with stronger inhalations the vapor can be quite warm;
– slightly weaker performance when the battery is almost empty.


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