TRIM CBD flower – hemp – For further use


  • Hemp Chopped (TRIM) of premium quality.
  • It contains leaves closer to the CBD bud together with smaller CBD flower pieces.
  • Homogeneously chopped product for its better adaptation to all uses.
  • Vacuum packed to preserve all the aroma.
  • High CBD content.
  • 100% legal in Europe, CBD hemp varieties certified by the EU (Industrial Hemp).
  • Fast shipping with delivery within 24h in mainland Spain, Balearic Islands and Portugal.
  • Less than 0,19% THC


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TRIM CBD flower

Cannactiva’s chopped / shredded hemp is a blend of all Cannactiva’s premium varieties.

This chopped hemp comes from Cannactiva’s hemp flower crops. From hemp plants from seed certified by the European Union, and grown using organic processes, without pesticides or herbicides.

A perfect solution to adapt to the needs of the CBD market, the crushed CBD buds are cheap, without interfering with the best quality on the market.

This crushed CBD flower (TRIM), has been chopped in special machine to leave its fine and homogeneous texture, and vacuum packed to preserve its aroma and quality to the maximum.

Greenhouse grown CBD flower with light support.
From EU certified seeds.
Cultivated in Spain.
Rich in CBD.
Less than 0.2% of THC in plant

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30g, 90g, 10 g


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