TRIM CBD flower – Funky Monkey hemp -30g


CBD Funky Monkey Premium CBD flowers already chopped, 30 grams.
Contains the leaves closest to the hemp flower, full of CBD-rich resin.
Contains bits of already chopped buds.
High CBD content.
New package, “pocket” format and ready to use.
100% legal in Europe, CBD hemp varieties certified by the EU (Industrial Hemp).
Fast shipping with delivery within 24h in Spain and Portugal.
Less than 0,19% THC


Estimated delivery time within Spain: 2 working days

Estimated delivery time Europe: 5 working days

2 5%
3 10%
4 - 20 15%
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TRIM CBD flower – Funky Monkey hemp – 30g

CBD Trim Funky Monkey is made up of small pieces of chopped buds from one of our favourite strains, CBD Flower Funky Monkey. We present this new format ready to use, or “ready to roll” and forget about having to use the grinder.

The Trim Funky Monkey bag contains the remains of chopped buds, the leaves closest to the hemp flower, which have resins rich in CBD and with a high concentration of CBD. It contains no twigs or seeds.

The chopped hemp comes in a new 30 gram packet, “pocket” format and ready to use. It is ideal to take with you, fits in your pocket or bag, and is handy for outings or holidays, as it can be used on the spot.

TRIM means “to prune” or “pruning”. It is the name given to all the material that falls from the hemp flower when it is processed or cleaned with scissors by hand. The result is a combination of the leaves closest to the bud, which are very resinous, together with small buds and pieces of carefully chopped buds.

Funky Monkey Cannactiva Trim is of exceptional quality, with lots of resin and bits of chopped buds. With the aroma of our classic Funky and with lots of CBD.

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