Trailer Pack – GG CBD flowers

Original price was: 425.00€.Current price is: 270.00€.

This Trailer pack contains

100 grams of our Outdoor varieties.
2,70€/gram in this cbd pack of 4 bags of 25 grams.

Amnesia 47,Lemon Haze,Strawberry,Orange cookie

*CBD Flowers Pack exclusively on web.

Use for collecting. THC<0.2% according to the royal decree 1729/1999.


Estimated delivery time within Spain: 2 working days

2 5%
3 10%
4 - 20 15%
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When you buy your Gorilla Grillz TRAILER PACK, you will receive 4 bags of 25 gram of the 6 outdoor varieties

Trailer pack 100 grams cbd is the pack you were waiting for. Finally you have it available exclusively on our website:

What is trailer pack 100 grams cbd?

This pack is the best way to get Gorilla Grillz outdoor flowers at the best price. You can customise your pack choosing between the varieties:

Amnesia 47: Born from the crossing of AK47 and Amnesia haze, this flower dazzles your senses.

Lemon Haze: These are cannabis buds born from the crossing of Lemon Skunk and Amnesia Haze. This flower is citric with fruity touches.

Strawberry: Its strawberry flavour and aroma will delight you from the first moment.

Orange cookie: Lovers of cbd, your favourite flower with hints of orange has arrived at gorilla Grillz.

Why buy the trailer pack?

Thanks to this pack you can try and enjoy the latest novelties in CBD flowers from Gorilla Grillz. These are the outdoor variants where the new flavours will make you fall in love with them.

In addition with this pack you get the gram of cannabis for 2,70€, we have made it very easy! Thanks to trailer pack 100 grams CBD you will get the best quality CBD at the best price.

How to combine the trailer pack?

The dynamics of the new pack is to be able to enjoy the latest varieties of Gorilla Grillz without the quantity leaving you to halfway

The ideal would be to choose 25 grams of the 4 varieties: lemon haze, strawberry, orange cookie and amnesia 47.

NOTE: Occasionally, one of the PACK variations may not be in stock. Any variety of flower that is missing from our stock will be replaced by a different flower. The flower that is substituted will always be of a higher or equivalent category than the variety that is unavailable.

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Amnesia 47, Cherry Kush, Lemon Haze, Orange cookies, Strawberry


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