Orange cookies Outdoor 10% CBD


Orange cookies cbd has a strong citrus aroma emanating from the CBD flowers that will remind you of a freshly opened orange. You will notice a hint of floral undertones, a sweet and citrusy blend unlike any other.


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2 5%
3 10%
4 - 20 15%
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CBD flower – Outdoor Orange cookies 10%-12% CBD

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Orange cookie cbd are compact flowers with a dark green tone.
Aromas : strong and citric with a floral background.
Cannabinoid profile : CBD : 10,3%, CBG : 0,5 %. THC : 0,2%.

Orange cookies cbd is the flower that will make you fall in love with all your senses. It is a new strain that we have incorporated is about legal marijuana buds orange cookie. It is a compact flower with green tones and purple and orange hues.

The smell of these buds is freshly squeezed orange, a citrus flavor (fruity orange) while sweet that will enamor all your senses.

Orange cookie is a CBD flower totally legal because its THC concentration does not exceed 0.2%, it also contains a high percentage of CBD (10-12%) which makes this flower a 100% legal product within the European framework.

Orange cookies cbd has a relaxing effect, a flower grown outdoors without pesticides or additives.

THC less than 0.20%.
EU certified seed genetics
No psychoactive effects
Organically grown
GMO free
Free of pesticide

orange cookie flower GG labs

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