Gelato Greenhouse 12% CBD


If our Gelato makes you think of Italian ice cream, it’s because you’ve probably already tried them. These CBD greenhouse flowers with an unmatched sweetness and creaminess will take you back to childhood, when there was no better sensation than a cold ice cream on hot days.


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CBD flower – GELATO 12% CBD

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Flowers : Compact, large size and intense greenish tone.
Aromas : Sweet and creamy, with soft touches.
CBD : 11,7%, CBG : 0,6 %. THC : 0,2%.

flower cbd CBD Flower : In the form of buds.
flower cbd Vault : Terpenes protector to maintain the optimal state of the flower.

This bud is a high quality cannabis strain. It has a creamy, sweet and citrus taste. The flowers of Gelato CBD are large in size and have an intense greenish tone. Perfect for moments of relaxation as it relaxes the body and calms the mind.

Gelato is a legal CBD marijuana strain. These buds are extracted from the flowers produced by the hemp plant.

The characteristics of Gelato CBD are hemp buds with a THC percentage of 0.20% which makes it completely legal in the European framework, this amount of THC makes this bud does not stink because it does not produce psychoactive effects.

Gelato is undoubtedly one of the favorite strains of CBD lovers, for its density and its sweet aroma that will make you believe that you are enjoying a creamy ice cream cookie with a touch of orange. Gelato CBD is the perfect marijuana bud to enjoy alone or with friends because it relaxes your muscles and calms the mind.

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