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Dry Shift CBD Pollen 45%


Enjoy the real thing with Cannactiva’s Pollen Dry Sift CBD—a strong and pure way to enjoy the essence of cannabis. extracted with the trichomes preserved for high-quality CBD pollen utilising the Dry Sift method. Enjoy its distinct scent and indulge in its abundance of terpenes and cannabinoids. Top CBD hashes available on Cannactiva.

100% legal in Europe, CBD hemp strains from EU certified seeds (Industrial Hemp).
Shipping to all Spain and Portugal EXPRESS (24h working days), safe and with anonymous package.
Shipping to all Europe EXPRESS (24h-48h).

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2 5%
3 10%
4 - 20 15%
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Buy Dry Sift CBD online with CBDrocks

Learn about Cannactiva pollen, which is the highest-quality CBD pollen at a reasonable cost. Purchase it from the website with ease, speed, and safety. Choose the desired amount of grammes, add it to your cart, finish the payment, and get your Dr. sift CBD pollen in 24 or 48 hours.

What is Pollen Dry Sift?

Since dry sift is a kind of pollen that is obtained by removing resin from the cannabis plant, it is a well-known notion in the hash and cannabis communities. We provide additional varieties of CBD resin.  The hemp plant material is separated from the cannabinoid-rich trichomes by this sieve method, leaving us with only the parts that are of interest. The goal of this extraction process is to maintain the trichomes’ quality and integrity while producing a highly potent and pure end product.

Features of the Pollen Dry CBD

Examine the features and attributes of CBD dry sift pollen, including its terpene profile and extraction process, to learn why this product is unique in the CBD market in terms of quality and authenticity.

Colour and texture

The light colour and fine texture of the Cannactiva CBD dry sift are suggestive of a meticulous filtering procedure and ideal trichome preservation.

Terpenes and scent

Rich in terpenes, Cannactiva’s CBD Dry Sift Pollen has a unique, earthy scent that is as deep and complex as its qualities.


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