CBD Insomnia Pack


1 x 10ml bottle of 15% CBG oil (1500mg CBG)

1 x 60 capsules 25mg CBD/CBN with added melatonin

Contains: ≤ 0.2% THC

2 5%
3 10%
4 - 20 15%
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CBD Insomnia Pack

CBD Insomnia Bundle

Explore the ultimate combination and save big with our CBD Insomnia Pack, featuring Day Oil and Night CBD Capsules!

This comprehensive set includes a 25% CBD Daytime oil and CBD/CBN capsules boosted with Melatonin.

Unlock exciting savings with combo packs – the perfect introduction to new CBD products while enjoying a 25% discount on your preferred items. Dive into the myriad benefits of CBD with two meticulously crafted products tailored for day and night use. Our commitment to natural ingredients, coupled with extensive research, brings you an optimal solution at an exclusive discounted rate.

CBD Insomnia Pack Highlights

Bid farewell to sleepless nights and embrace serene slumber with our CBD Insomnia Pack. This dynamic duo comprises High Strength 25% CBD Oil and CBD/CBN Sleep Capsules enriched with Melatonin. Purposefully formulated to combat insomnia and its vexations, this pack charts a natural course to a tranquil night’s sleep.

At the heart of this bundle is our High Strength 25% CBD Oil – a potent formulation with an elevated CBD concentration, offering substantial relief from anxiety and stress, common culprits of insomnia. It’s designed to pacify your mind, relax your body, and set the stage for a restful night, making both falling and staying asleep effortless.

Complementing the CBD Oil are our CBD/CBN Sleep Capsules, fortified with Melatonin. This three-pronged formula targets key facets of sleep, with CBD and CBN collaborating to enhance relaxation and diminish nocturnal anxiety. The addition of Melatonin, a natural sleep cycle regulator, helps synchronize your body’s internal clock, facilitating swifter and deeper sleep.

More than a product assortment, our Insomnia Pack embodies a holistic approach to addressing sleep concerns. Recognizing the profound impact of quality sleep on overall health, this pack provides a secure and effective solution.

Crafted with meticulous care, both the oil and capsules are devoid of harmful chemicals and additives. This commitment to excellence ensures a natural, secure, and efficient remedy for your sleep-related woes.

Transform your nights with our Insomnia Pack. Let this thoughtfully curated combination be your nightly ritual for tranquility and repose. Wake up revitalized, rejuvenated, and prepared to conquer the day. Your journey to improved sleep commences right here!

Unlock the Potency of CBD with Our Combo Packs

Our CBD Insomnia pack and other combo packs present a distinct and economical way to relish the advantages of CBD. By amalgamating our most sought-after products, you can devise a personalized wellness routine. Whether your aim is to alleviate anxiety, enhance sleep, or alleviate pain, our combo packs have you covered. Furthermore, by investing in a combo pack, you’ll enjoy financial savings compared to purchasing each item individually.

Tailor Your Wellness Routine with Our CBD Insomnia Pack

Our CBD Insomnia Pack is designed for customization to meet your unique needs. Choose from an array of options catering to specific concerns like stress relief or improved sleep. Each pack encompasses a variety of products featuring diverse strengths and formulations, enabling you to experiment and identify what best suits your preferences and lifestyle.

Quality remains our paramount focus for our CBD Insomnia Pack. Our CBD oil is crafted from organically grown European hemp, subjected to meticulous processing to preserve its potency and purity. We are steadfast in delivering a secure, effective, and dependable product.

Experience the remarkable benefits of our Organic Full Spectrum CBD oil by placing a few drops under your tongue or incorporating it into your preferred beverage. Uncover why countless individuals have integrated this exceptional oil into their daily routines.

Don’t delay any longer in unlocking your body’s full potential! Place your order for Organic Full Spectrum CBD oil today and encounter the transformative impact that nature’s finest ingredients can have on your life.

CBD Cultivation for Our CBD Insomnia Pack

Our entire cultivation and production process – from seed acquisition and hemp cultivation to bottle filling – adheres to stringent quality control measures, meeting the high standards of a full spectrum product. In addition to rigorous controls, our products undergo exhaustive lab tests and analyses.

The derived CBD paste is subsequently blended with premium organic hemp oil to produce the full spectrum pure CBD oil.


  • Store in a cool, dark place.
  • Shelf life extends up to 6 months after opening.
  • Administer the required drops under the tongue (use a mirror) and retain in the mouth for a minimum of 30 seconds.
  • If the taste proves too bitter, it’s feasible to mix with a small amount of coconut oil.

If you are taking blood thinning medication such as Heparin or Warfarin (also called Coumadin), please consult your doctor before taking CBD oil. Click HERE for more information

Benefits of the CBD Insomnia Pack

The CBD Insomnia Pack offers a myriad of potential health benefits, harnessing the power of CBD. Here are some of the common uses and advantages of the included CBD oil:

  1. Pain Relief: CBD oil within the pack may contribute to pain relief by diminishing inflammation and interacting with neurotransmitters in the body.
  2. Anxiety and Depression: The CBD oil’s calming effect on the body may aid in alleviating symptoms associated with anxiety and depression.
  3. Acne Reduction: CBD’s potential to decrease sebum production may assist in reducing acne and promoting clearer skin.
  4. Neuroprotective Properties: The CBD oil in the pack may possess neuroprotective properties, potentially shielding the brain from damage and lowering the risk of certain neurological disorders.
  5. Improved Sleep Quality: CBD oil may play a role in enhancing sleep quality and combating insomnia, offering a natural solution for restful nights.
  6. Heart Health: The positive impact of CBD oil on heart health may include reducing blood pressure, subsequently lowering the risk of certain heart conditions.
  7. Cancer Support: CBD’s properties could alleviate symptoms associated with cancer and potentially hinder the growth of cancer cells.


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