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CBD hemp herb 4% suitable for vaping


Fine hemp fraction of the Futura variety with 4% CBD – 5g


CBD Herb 4% for vaporizing, 5g

Fine hemp part of the Futura variety with 4% CBD – 5g. Seeds, without hemp seeds, suitable for vaporising. Pleasant earthy taste and smell with a relaxing effect.

Ideal for a vaporiser for CBD hemp with the latest technology and design.

Is CBD vaporising healthy at all?

CBD Vaporising – The essence of vaporising is that there is no combustion, so instead of inhaling toxic smoke, we inhale vapor that is harmless to the body. All studies conducted so far indicate that vaporising can significantly reduce the frequency of smoke inhalation, as well as the absorption of toxins into the body. This means that this method is the least harmful way to absorb the substances contained in herbs. You can verify this without expensive studies – anyone who goes to vaporise will feel an improvement in their respiratory system very quickly!


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