CBD flower sweet spot – hemp < 22%


CBD Cannabis SWEET SPOT flowers (Watermelon Zkittlez)

Fresh Harvest CBD!
Sweet Spot Watermelon Zkittlez is a CBD flower grown in a greenhouse with light support.
Aroma fresh, fruity, and resinous.
CBD content < 22%.
CBD buds with Sativa-Indica morphology.
Very dense and compact flower.
100% legal in Europe, CBD hemp varieties certified by the EU (Industrial hemp).

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2 5%
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SWEET SPOT Watermelon Zkittlez is a new fresh, resinous, fruity strain from Cannactiva that will sweeten your senses.

SWEET SPOT Watermeon Zkittlez is a flower with Sativa-Indica characteristics (50-50) in terms of morphology and flowering time.
Thanks to its Indica nature, the morphology of this hemp CBD flower are robust, rounded, and dense. Its sativa part brings a highly complex and exotic aromatic range.
Its high concentration of CBD is reflected in abundant formations of resinous trichomes that are visible in its buds. In addition, thanks to the manual work of harvesting and quality of drying and conservation, the color of this CBD flower has remained completely intact, so you can see a light green color.
SWEET SPOT is, in short, a real delight to look at and touch.

As the name Sweet Spot indicates, it has a range of fresh sweet aromas reminiscent of watermelon. You will also find fruity and caramel fragrances that remind us of sweet peaches.
Thanks to its great quantity of resin, and to its genetic origin coming from Zkittlez CBD, in its serious notes, we find touches of wood, resins, and glue. The fruity smells and incense are very enveloping fragrances in the nose and provide a comforting and relaxing feeling ideal for afternoon and evening hours, when we most want to disconnect from the routine of everyday life.

Sweet Spot is a variety cultivated in greenhouses with light support. These greenhouses are of high quality, with glass walls that provide a better airtightness and with technological features that allow to always maintain a temperature, humidity and light cycle appropriate to the needs of the plants at each moment of their cycle to obtain the best fruits and with the best quality.
Its cultivation difficulty is intermediate, due to its morphology and indica nature, which results in a faster growth and flowering, forming hard, rounded and dense CBD buds.
The fertilizers used during the cultivation of these CBD flowers are totally organic and come from natural raw materials. Respecting the cycle of growth, flowering, and final flushing.
To combat possible attacks from external agents, biodynamic techniques are used to protect the plants, and chemical pesticides or herbicides have never been used at any time during cultivation.

Drying and definition
The CBD flower is Sweet Spot has been harvested manually, and dried in rooms with humidity control, and refrigerated, so that the natural fragrances of the plant have been preserved to the maximum. Its buds are very well defined, round, compact and dense. Its cleaning is very grateful thanks to its density and robustness, so you will appreciate a beautiful flower, practically without leaves and very resinous.


In short, due to the great success of its sister cousin Candy Krush Zkittlez, we believe that Sweet Spot Watermelon Zkittlez will be one of the best received and most requested varieties this year in Cannactiva. Its resemblance in terms of sweet and resinous notes is a marvel to the smell of any lover of Cannabis and CBD. What are you waiting to try it!


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