CBD flower Ohana Hawaiian Runtz – 23%


Cannactiva OHANA (Hawaan Runtz) CBD

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Fruity, resinous, and sweet aroma.
Very resinous and light green in colour.
handpicked buds.
indoor, organically cultivated.
CBD content is high: 23%
0.2% or less of THC
100% legal in Europe, including EU-certified CBD hemp seed variations

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2 5%
3 10%
4 - 20 15%
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Ohana Hawaiian Runtz, a variety of CBD flowers from Cannactiva, is a fruity, highly resinous greenhouse variety with exclusive light support from Cannactiva. Caution: it might end up being your fave.

Ohana Hawaiian Runtz is a CBD cannabis cultivar notable for having a lot of resin. The abundance of crystals that cover its surface accentuates how light its blossoms are. Its buds are beautiful, with a blend of vivid oranges, deep purples, and bright greens. Hawaiian Runtz buds frequently have a thick layer of glossy trichomes covering them, giving them a glittering, snowy appearance that makes them incredibly alluring.

Ohana is a CBD flower that smells heavenly sweet and fruity, with hints of peach, mango, and pineapple. Its enticing caramel scent blends beautifully with a potent resin or incense aroma to create a wonderful sensory treat. Its scent is comparable to that of the well-liked Candy Krush Zkittlez strain from Cannactiva.

obtaining, preparing, drying, and curing CBD
Ohana is a CBD flower that is cultivated in greenhouses with light support, which provides it with additional plant nutrition advantages. The plant yet retains the same level of naturalness and freshness as if it had grown outside.

Without the use of pesticides that could diminish the quality of the flowers, the cultivation is done entirely naturally and organically.

From handpicking to subsequent drying and curing, the harvesting of Ohana requires meticulous attention. To ensure a high-quality product that maintains all the aromatic and qualitative qualities of the plant, particular care is made to the humidity and temperature of the environment. The outcome is a blossom that is bright green in hue and a great aroma

A hybrid cannabis strain named Runtz first appeared in California, USA. Runtz’s precise genetics are unclear, although it is assumed that Zkittlez and Gelato, two well-known cannabis cultivars, were crossed to create it.

One strain that is linked to Candy Krush Zkittlez is Ohana Hawaiian Runtz. We are confident that this will rank among your favorites if you liked the equivalent. We eagerly await your feedback! A hui hou, as our Hawaiian friends would say.

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