CBD flower Ninja Fruit hemp 18%-26%


CBD flower – Ninja Fruit – (Strawberry Kush x Watermelon) 18%-26%

Fruity aroma, vibrant and with hints of citrus.
Good flower density.
Light green colour and with many crystals.
Large bud size.
Picked by hand.
High CBD content: 18 – 26 %.
Less than 0.2% THC
Greenhouse grown.
100% legal in Europe, CBD hemp varieties from EU certified seeds (Industrial Hemp).

Fast, safe delivery and with anonymous package.
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2 5%
3 10%
4 - 20 15%
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CBD flower Ninja Fruit hemp 18%-26%

Ninja Fruit is the latest exclusive variety of CBDrocks cultivated in a completely organic way, and the most innovative environments and cultivation techniques to have the best results when it comes to highlighting its olfactory and morphological properties at its best.

Ninja Fruit is a new variety of CBDrocks made from industrial hemp seeds certified by the European Union (Kompolti). Born from a selection of Cherry Pie phenotypes: Strawberry and Watermelon were crossed to obtain this delicious Ninja Fruit!

Ninja Fruit has an extraordinary aroma in terms of its fruity notes reminiscent of strawberries with citrus notes, combined with hints of resin and incense, due to a large number of trichomes and CBD resin.
Morphologically, its buds are round, dense, and very large, which gives us an excellent product definition. A combination of extraordinary shape and aroma that will make all our senses vibrate when we open the Ninja Fruit bag.

Its processing, both in the cleaning of the CBD flower, as in the drying and curing are made with great care and under meticulous quality controls to preserve all the aromatic properties of hemp. From the seed to the final product CBDrocks guarantees the highest quality and care in the product which we hope is also reflected in your experience with Ninja Fruit.


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