CBD flower Low Rider – Gelato Sundae 18 – 22%


CBD flower Eureka Tropicana Cookies hemp 18 – 22%.

Gelato Sundae is a CBD flower grown in a greenhouse with light support.
CBD of fresh harvest!
CBD content 18 – 22%.
CBD buds with predominant Indica morphology.
Large, round flower with consistent density.
Aroma resinous hints of citrus and tropical fruit (passion fruit).
Less than 0.2% THC
100% legal in Europe, CBD hemp varieties from EU certified seeds (Industrial Hemp).

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2 5%
3 10%
4 - 20 15%
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LOW RIDER is a CBD flower variety with a Kush-like aromatic profile and a very good product definition. Fresh and quality harvest.

LOW RIDER, the new Gelato Sundae of Cannactiva has a morphology type Indica, which makes its strains not very tall but corpulent. Thus marking a strong and consistent bud density. Its bud presents orange hairs and a nice green color. You can see a layer of crystals, which are the CBD resin that covers the whole bud.

A very peculiar aroma characterizes the descendant phenotypes of Gelato. In this particular case, the Gelato Sundae CBD flower contains a very pungent resin aroma, which can remind of glue or gasoline. Gelato Sundae CBD also has fresh and somewhat citric notes at the end, which turn its resinous fragrance into an irresistible sweetness that can even remind you of tropical fruits such as passion fruit.

Gelato Sundae has been grown in a greenhouse with light support. In facilities prepared to always maintain the temperature, humidity and light, adequate throughout the cultivation of CBD.
Its cultivation is fast and simple, which guarantees that the quality is very high, and especially when also involved ecological and biodynamic cultivation techniques, respecting the cycles of nature to the maximum, so that its final aroma is clean and fresh.
The predominant Indica varieties (morphologically speaking) are very grateful at the time of harvesting, since their production is more abundant. At the same time, as in all Cannactiva varieties, no pesticides or herbicides are used, and only natural (organic) nutrients are used.

Drying and definition
The CBD flower of Gelato Sundae has been dried slowly and carefully to preserve as much as possible the aromas of the plant when it is fresh.
It is cleaned by machine with a final manual touch to remove sticks and impurities that may remain in the flower.
One by one, these CBD flowers are inspected to ensure that they arrive safely in their final bag.

In short, LOW RIDER (Gelato Sundae CBD) is a strain for lovers of Kush strains with a strong resin aroma.
We are very proud of this super product, grown with a lot of care and passion. Many of us are already in love with the new LOW RIDER, and we are convinced that you will love it too, dear Cannactivist!


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