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CBD flower – Lemon Haze hemp – 5g bag – 4%-7%



Greenhouse grown CBD flower. CBD Lemon Haze flower, with compact CBD buds and a light green colour.
Type of crop: Glasshouse with artificial light (Indoor).



CBD flower – Lemon Haze hemp – 5g

CBD Lemon Haze flower has a great appearance and pleasant smell.

CBD flower. Type of cultivation: Glasshouse with artificial light (Indoor).
From EU certified seeds
Rich in CBD
Less than 0.2% THC

Lemon Haze CBD buds are aerial parts of the Cannabis Sativa L. (HEMP) plant. (HEMP) PLANT. THC-free cannabis sourced from EU certified seed hemp strains grown without pesticides and herbicides in a totally organic manner and respecting all GACP quality standards. A Carmagnola cross of the best EU certified hemp CBD flower strains.

This CBD weed has a red fruity and herbaceous aroma that reminds us of fruit and nature. Its buds are resinous and compact.

These CBD flowers stand out for their attractive presence and high concentration of cannabinoids. One of the best Legal Cannabis strains

4% – 7% CBD
This CBD flower is rich in CBD with a great look and smell. We carefully monitor every stage of cultivation to ensure the best quality buds.

Less than 0.2 THC
We collaborate with the best qualified and equipped analytical laboratories to test our CBD strains. All our CBD flowers are within EU regulations on THC levels.


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