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Kush, fine woods, grapefruit, and fresh grass are among its smells.
Excellent floral density.
Olive green with some purple undertones.
manual nail care.
12 to 18% CBD concentration is high.
0.2% or less of THC
using biodynamic methods in a greenhouse for cultivation.

100% legal in Europe, including EU-certified CBD hemp seed variations

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2 5%
3 10%
4 - 20 15%
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A limited-edition Cannactiva variant called Halley Space Cookies will astound you with its unusual scent and substantial resin content.

A really appreciative CBD strain to grow is Halley Space Cookies. Its genetics, anatomically speaking, may be described as having an Indica character, which explains why, when it comes to flowering, its buds display a good density. You can see densely populated, spherical, and hard flowers.

Halley is a cultivar with a terpene profile that leans heavily toward KUSH compounds, such as Low Rider Gelato, Runtz, or Truffle. However, within the aromatic “diesel” or “glue” ranges for which we are familiar with the Kush genetics, Halley chooses a strong resinous scent that melds with its earthy and incense touch. As a result, it has an exquisite balance of serious fragrances and natural scents that are muted in their middle notes of oak without being overly obtrusive.
We can also detect a fruity and crisp flavor in its middle notes, although it doesn’t quite approach the excessive sweetness of other types. Zkittles Candy Krush. Its delicious flavor chooses the grapefruit over other dry, rather bitter citrus fruits.Finally, its fresh perfume provides us with a touch of fresh grass at the conclusion of everything, which wonderfully balances the resinous kush aroma and the sweetness of grapefruit.

Using light support and light deprivation techniques, Halley Space Cookies have been cultivated on a small scale in a controlled greenhouse growing environment. This has led to an earlier harvest and a higher yield. in order for its blossoms to flourish more and effectively display their fragrance qualities.
The substrate and fertilizers derived from organic bocashis are examples of biodynamic approaches that have been employed. using the lunar cycles as a guide for planting, trimming, and harvesting. These methods encourage the plant to develop and thrive in a way that is more pleasurable and consistent with its life cycles.
Morphologically speaking, Indica predominates in Halley Space Cookies. Which results in small but densely foliage plants and rounded, dense buds.

definition and drying
The CBD flower for Halley Space Cookies was personally gathered and prepared. has an extremely accurate definition. Because this flower hasn’t been scraped by industrial equipment, it might have a few tiny leaves.
Its thorough drying in environments with controlled humidity and temperature, followed by a curing process that ensures the full expression of its aromatic profile.

Halley Space Cookies, in essence, is a Kush genetics strain with hints of wood. A CBD flower produced on a small scale using only conventional methods and in accordance with the plant’s natural growth cycles, with all the respect that every Cannactiva variety merits.
Halley is a limited edition that is released as an exclusive product with a small number of units since it is a small-scale manufacturing and the outcome of research into new variations. Hence the name Halley, a comet that is only briefly visible to the human eye when it passes past our orbit.
Therefore, we urge you to act quickly and try it now before it’s gone!

We sincerely hope you enjoy this labor of love for as long as it lasts.
Halley Space Cookies have arrived, dear cannabis enthusiast and CBD enthusiast!

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