CBD flower FUNKY MONKEY hemp 18%-22%


CBD flower – Funky Monkey (Gorilla glue) Indoor 18%-22%

Funky Monkey aka Gorilla Glue CBD is a glasshouse grown hemp flower with indoor light support.

CBD flowers online, Gorilla Glue variety:
Funky Monkey is a CBD flower grown indoors.
CBD content 18 – 22%.

Less than 0.2 THC
CBD buds with Sativa morphology.
Large amount of CBD resin. Very visible crystals.
Aromatic type: “Diesel”, wood, truffles and “FUNK”.
100% legal in Europe, CBD hemp varieties certified by the EU (Industrial Hemp).
Fast, safe delivery and with anonymous package.
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2 5%
3 10%
4 - 20 15%
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CBD flower FUNKY MONKEY hemp 18%-22%

CBDrocks brings you one of the best varieties of marijuana buds CBD of the Gorilla Glue variety of Indoor.
CBDrocks Funky Monkey CBD flower is a new variety with an incredible aroma and impressive amount of resin.
Its genetics comes from the same family as the popular Blue Cheese or Gelato. It is characterised by a very deep aromatic profile, with hints of “glue” or “diesel”.
This phenotype has been developed to improve the density of CBD flower to make them more compact and large.
Like its analogues, this CBD flower has a “Sativa” nature. This makes it a more difficult variety to grow because of its longer growth and flowering cycle. Its morphology is not so compact and round, but its buds are slightly elongated and open, which allows to appreciate much longer and more voluminous resin trichomes than compact CBD flowers. Its large amount of resin covers the CBD flower completely making a very beautiful “snowy” effect.
The CBD flower is of a greenish colour. They are known for their peculiar deep and unmistakable aroma, their high concentration of CBD resin in their crystals that cover the whole flower.
Undoubtedly one of the best varieties of our catalogue and the European market. Guarantee of satisfaction. You have never seen a CBD flower with an aromatic profile and a higher percentage of CBD than this one.

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