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CBD flower Eureka Tropicana cookies hemp 5%-7%


CBD flower Eureka Tropicana Cookies hemp 5%-7%

New collection of flowers from Cannactiva.
Best price with the best quality on the market.
Available strains: Orange Mood (Mandarine Cookies), Blue Green (Gelato), Candy Krush (Zkittlez), New York (Sour Diesel CBD), Vibration (Lemon Haze), Meditate (Pineapple Kush), Ninja Fruit (Strawberry x Watermelon).
Picked by hand.
Low CBD content: 5 – 7 %.
Less than 0.2% THC
100% legal in Europe, CBD hemp varieties from EU certified seeds (Industrial Hemp).

Fast, safe delivery and with anonymous package.
Buy CBD cannabis flowers online with CBD rocks!


Estimated delivery time within Spain: 2 working days

Estimated delivery time Europe: 5 working days

For larger orders please email


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CBD flower Eureka Tropicana Cookies hemp 5%-7%

Eureka aka Tropicana Cookies is a CBD flower grown indoors.

This CBD flower is rich in CBD with a great look and smell. We carefully monitor every stage of cultivation to ensure the best quality buds.

We collaborate with the best qualified and equipped analytical laboratories to test our CBD strains. All our CBD flowers are within EU regulations on THC levels.

Its processing, both in the cleaning of the CBD flower, as in the drying and curing are made with great care and under meticulous quality controls to preserve all the aromatic properties of hemp. From the seed to the final product CBDrocks guarantees the highest quality and care in the product which we hope is also reflected in your experience with Ninja Fruit.


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