Amnesia 47 Outdoor 10% CBD


Amnesia 47 is a variety of CBD flowers that delights us with fresh floral and citrus tones. Resulting in a smooth combination, with spicy touches in the background. A variety with a unique aroma of which you will not get tired of.


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2 5%
3 10%
4 - 20 15%
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CBD flower – Amnesia 47 10%-12% CBD

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Amnesia 47 are compact flowers with a dark green tone.
Aromas : floral and citrus tones.
Cannabinoid profile : CBD : 10,3%, CBG : 0,5 %. THC : 0,2%.

Amnesia 47 is born from the crossing of two strains very requested by the lovers of cbd, it is about amnesia Haze and AK-47.

What is so special about this flower? Its buds are very compact and has a fruity and sweet aroma with a spicy touch to finish your senses.

This flower is legal in the European framework because its THC concentration does not exceed the 0.2% established. Without psychoactive effects.

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In addition to its aroma and flavor what will make you fall in love even more is its price: 3,5€ per gram. It is a plant of unbeatable quality at a very affordable price. Get a better price buying bulk 25 grams.

The crossing of two types of strains very settled already in the cbd market, make this flower an optimal product. This flower is perfect to enjoy with your friends and experience the effects that amnesia 47 produces.

THC less than 0.20%.
EU certified seed genetics
No psychoactive effects
Organically grown
GMO free
Free of pesticide

AMNESIA 47 flower GG Lab

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3.5g, 5g, 10 g, 25g


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