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offering true products

We only produce oils from the flowers and leaves (no stalks) of certified organic hemp, grown and cultivated on organic soil without pesticides. Our farmers use a special variety of hemp that is able to deliver the highest concentration of CBD (cannabidiol) in a completely natural way. The most important thing is that it is grown in one of the best places in Europe, because there is a lot of sun. Therefore, the buds are able to grow to their full potential.

We always have all our oils tested and published by a certified third party laboratory. They are also always available on request.

In the near future we will see a great demand for natural medicine. People are tired of being deceived and poisoned and have been for far too long.

We are always on the lookout for new products and follow the “CBD news” closely so we can offer the best products to our customers. 80% of our online customers come back because our products work! We don’t promise more than what we can deliver.

Real CBD products are 100% safe, high quality, and always contain the same ingredients from bottle to bottle. We use the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant.

You want a natural product – in a jungle of real and fake, so we make sure everything in the process stays as natural, clean and true as possible. What you see on the label – is what’s in the bottles. Guaranteed!

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